Ever since I can remember cats have been part of my life, they have accompanied me through my development both as a human being and an artist.

They have taught me great lessons about love, patience, companionship and laughter, what have they gathered from me and humanity in general? Not much, I’m afraid. Nevertheless, no one is to get offended. A cat connoisseur knows pretty well what he or she signs up to when they decide to be at the service a cat, for cats don’t have masters but staff, as the saying goes.

A well-known fact about cats is that you can never speak of “ownership” when it comes to them. Their larger than life personalities and independence would make anyone pause. A cat’s affection is not a given, but an earned gift, for THEY choose YOU to be “their human” as long as they are pleased with your servitude. I’ve learned the following lessons by cohabiting with them:

-you must accept with no questions asked that they are to come and go as they please;

-that they are to be cuddled and caressed only when they see fit,

-that they are not, under any circumstances, doing anything they haven’t previously agreed to – I dislike, I don’t do, is their motto;

-that sub par food is out of the question. Have you ever wondered why your cat scratches the pavement whenever is given food that is offensive to his or her delicate palate? They are counting your misdeeds. Revenge is a dish best served cold, beware.

If you are able to follow those simple rules above you can consider yourself well-trained. Isn’t respecting anyone’s boundaries a basic principle of human coexistence?