Through the years my husband Alon an I have had the pleasure to share our lives with a great assortment of cats, all have left a long-lasting mark, each and everyone of them greatly loved.

Today we share our lives in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice with four wonderful specimens:

Lapo, primus inter pares, red fur and a short fuse. A feline master with such a commanding presence that people will go out of their way to show their respect and reverence even though he couldn’t care less. A wanderer with many houses but only one home and we are grateful for that!

Fanan, the big hearted male Tyrolese that hates the outsides yet is kind, loving, patient, forgiving and caring, his eyes are a mirror to his soul. A soul mate.

Penelope a short-legged bundle of loveliness and ball chasing perennially requiring our attention and love. A daughter that came through our window and into our lives.

Afrodite the youngest and full of herself as only younger siblings could be. A talkative huntress that spends 90% of her time complaining – she leaves you in no doubt whatsoever about her likes and dislikes – hates people getting close and personal and thinks Fanan her mom, god bless him.

[Venice Cats will be an open window to Venice seen through the eyes of cats and cats lovers. Welcome to our adventure].