Marianna Zampieri  is a photographer – or catographer, as she likes to call herself – who captures the beauty and adventurous lives of felines in Venice and their bond with their humans.

After adopting Arthù, her life companion, she developed a passion for cat photographing and embarked in an amateur photography project that lead to the birth of her book, “Cats in Venice, fotografie e racconti dei gatti che si aggirano per le calli di Venezia“(Casa editrice El Squero, 2018) a wonderful volume that depicts the cats of the city.

On these photos you can admire the cats of the Ghetto, Afrodite, Lapo and Penelope, usually found resting, working or showcasing their beauty in the art galleries of their humans, Alon and Michal.

For more photos of Marianna Zampieri visit her website:


The wildness within their eyes
Fortune tellers of predictable futures
Life companions of naïve souls.

Lens probe a gaze that sets in the horizon.


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A Cat’s Life – Fanan in the basket

Cat life


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